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Welcome to Sheffield the Town of Murals in Tasmania's Outdoor Art Gallery!

Since 1986, the pictorial history of our region has been painted on almost every blank wall throughout the walls of the Kentish district.

The very first mural was of Gustav Weindorfer, in a story book style, illuminating his love of nature and its creatures. Then came historic tales of heroism, extraordinary people, significant events and the everyday life of the early pioneers.

Nowadays we're painting modern day history of our own on the walls of Sheffield and the surrounding areas.

Courtesy of Australia Network

This website has been designed to be viewed as an art gallery with no defined place to start. It's meant to be viewed again and again, uncovering something new with each visit.

The images here are large enough for you to appreciate the art and yet, small enough to entice you to visit them in real life.

Currently we have over 170 mural images displayed on this website, so take your time and browse through them at your leisure. You'll see that the Kentish area is more than just a pretty place, it really is, full of colour!

How the murals began...

Courtesy of ABC News - 2011
Courtesy of Southern Cross News - 2011