The Municipality of Kentish

The municipality of Kentish (or Kentishbury as it was once known) covers an area of some 1170 square kilometres extending from South Spreyton to the tip of Cradle Mountain and it embraces the four main regions of Railton, Sheffield, Wilmot and Cradle Valley.

Sheffield is nestled in under Mount Roland, just 30K from Devonport in north-western Tasmania. A beautiful undulating landscape produces lambs, pigs, timber, potatoes and a number of vegetable crops.

Nathaniel Lipscombe Kentish was appointed government surveyor in Van Diemen's Land in 1841. In 1842 he, with a gang of approximately 20 Probationers (parole men), was instructed to survey a road from Deloraine westward to the North West Coast through lands used by the Van Diemen's Land Company.

This area was opened up to settlement in 1859. By 1862 thirty lots of land had been surveyed and sold and the township of Sheffield had been named.

Surveyor Kentish first named the area, August Plains, to commemorate the date they were discovered. The name was later changed to the Kentish Plains after the surveyor himself. Then later again to Kentishbury, and still later it was shortened to Kentish. So dense was the bush in the area, Barrington had been settled for nine years before continued tree felling, revealed Mt. Roland - previously unknown to the pioneers.

From the 1880s onwards, mining was undertaken in the district and was particularly successful in the Moina area where gold and silver-lead were discovered. The early prospectors, using trails already long established by aboriginal tribes, helped open up the hinterland not only of Kentish, but the entire north west of Tasmania.

Town of Murals
Sheffield is the epicentre of the Kentish district. We have streets of murals, festivals, cafes, street performers, galleries, museums, specialty shops, unusual curiosities, artists and artisans at work in their studios.

Mount Roland
The most striking feature of the district is Mount Roland which rises to 1234 metres above sea level. The mountains's ever-changing colours and moods are a fascination and inspiration for residents and visitors alike. Situated eight kilometres south of Sheffield, Mount Roland affords panoramic views from its summit.

Valley of Views
Wilmot has an interesting history of its own. The very first Coles store was started there by Mr Gl Coles and the original store is still open for business today.
Wilmot also has a trail of wacky letterboxes of strange and unusual shapes.

Town of Topiary
Railton, found between Sheffield and Latrobe, is an industry-based township that has added more than 100 imaginative topiary characters to its main street area in recent years. In ‘Cradle Mountain National Paddock’ visitors can photograph the only `living’ Tasmanian Tiger.

Essentially Cradle
Cradle Mountain, rising to 1545 metres above sea level, is an Australian and international icon. Cradle Mountain forms the northern end of the Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park, itself a part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.
The jagged contours of Cradle Mountain, ancient rainforest, alpine heathlands and buttongrass provide a diverse range of environments to explore.