Black Stumps Bullock Team
In this mural on the side of a log barn at Gowrie Park, we see a sawmill, typical of the many that operated in the district. A steam engine supplies the power to run the mill, while the bullock team brings logs in to be sawn. The bullock teams were a common sight in this area playing an important part in clearing and working of the land.

Bullock teams were gradually replaced by tractors and bulldozers. (The first tractor was used in Kentish district in 1917).These gentle giants continue to be part of our historical heritage and a number of people today are working to see that the skills of the “Bullocky” are kept alive.
Painted in 1987 by: John Lendis
Location: This mural was destroyed by fire in 2011. It is to be repainted.
Size: 7.2m x 2.4m
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Weindorfer’s Honeymoon
Kate and Gustav Weindorfer spent their five week honeymoon on Mt Roland in 1906, from where they first saw Cradle Mountain.

Both were keen botanists who spent their days collecting and cataloguing plant specimens.

In the balmy summer evenings they made beautiful music together, as they were also talented musicians.

Painted in 1994 by: John Lendis
Location: Gowrie Park
Size: 7.3m x 5m
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20 Tons to the Acre
This mural shows the original Gowrie Homestead of 1880, sap ringed trees stand starkly in the ploughed fields.

From this land came record crops of 20 tons of potatoes to the acre, elsewhere the typical yield was then 3 to 6 tons per acre.
Painted in 1993 by: John Lendis
Location: Gowrie Park
Size: 7.5m x 5m
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O'Neils Creek Picnic Reserve
O'Neils Creek originates from rain water from the watersheds off the western face of Mt Roland and Mt Van Dyke which flows into the Dasher River and eventually into the Mersey River.

O'Neils Creek is host to the iridescent dragonfly, frogs, yabbies, freshwater crayfish and platypus. There is evidence of logging from a bygone era and may encounter tree stumps with notches cut out of them for holding boards that were used by axemen or sawyers. Bullock teams or horses were used to skid out the logs
Painted in 2004 by: Alicia Swiderski
Location: Claude Road, Gowrie Park  
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