2005 Poem
by Brian Inder
(with apologies to Robert Browning)

Times past; time present,
Times which are yet to be.
Come, Ulysses said;
Grow old along with me.
Youth shows but half
A whole was planned.
The last of life for which the
First was made,
The best is yet to be.
come, come with me
And grow old -

mural name:
artist: Paul Wood
winner: Judges' Choice Award
location: Mural Park

mural name:
artist: Damian Rossiter
winner: Peoples' Choice Award


mural name:
artist: Lynette Chippindal-Orzlowski
location: Looking Glass Cottage, Railton

mural name:
artist: Russell Danby ©


mural name:
artist: Teresa Bentley ©

mural name:
artist: Julian Bale


mural name:
artist: Daniel Bale

mural name:
artist: Alicia Swiderski


mural name:
artist: Eva Nilssen

2005 Mural Fest Artist Profile
Paul Wood - Devonport, Tasmania
2005 Mural Fest Judges' Choice Award winner.

Paul was born in Victoria in 1954. He is a detail Draftsman who went on to complete a Diploma of Fine Art. Paul, his wife and their two boys moved to Tasmania in 1980 and have lived in the Kentish district since 1981. In 1991 he painted The Kingdom painting entitled ‘To Such as These’ depicting a white wide-eyed healthy western child together with a gaunt starving coloured child from a third world country. This received world wide recognition and is currently hanging inside the Sheffield Bible Chapel.
Damian Rossiter - Burnie, Tasmania
2005 Mural Fest Peoples' Choice Award winner.
2004 Mural Fest Peoples' Choice Award winner.

Damian was recently involved with the PCYC Mural Project. Damian started working as a volunteer mural artist and they were so impressed by the work Damian was doing with teenagers that they commissioned him to continue as a Community Service Order project artist. Damian has diploma in Art/Craft & Design.
Lynette Chippindall - Melbourne
2005 Mural Fest Peoples' Choice Award winner.
Russell Danby - Melbourne
Russell has been an artist since the 1970's, painting and exhibiting his work. Painting both private and community murals, he has completed many murals with participants from schools, hospitals, day programs, and community groups. He also creates many private garden and living space murals.

Russell has exhibited in many Melbourne galleries and has completed an exhibition of his paintings in London and Penang, Malaysia while travelling. His murals are throughout Melbourne in community areas as well as many private gardens.
Teresa Bentley - Sheffield, Tasmania
Local landscape artist.
Julian Bale - Penguin, Tasmania
Julian, born in Falmouth in England in 1960, is now well-known in Tasmania’s North West as a mural and pastel artist. He has had many successful exhibitions and other mural projects to his name. He has a special interest in the use of colour and texture. As a member of many arts societies in Tasmania, Julian has been instrumental in founding the Tasmanian Pastel Art Society. Career highlights include a commissioned portrait of Sir Joh Bjelke-Peterson.

Since moving from Perth Western Australia where he gained a Diploma in Art Craft & Design, Julian has been the owner and operator of several art studios including Gilbert Street Studio Workshops in Latrobe.
Daniel Bale
Alicia Swiderski - Kentish, Tasmania
Alicia lives at the base of Mount Roland where she continues her life-long interest in painting landscapes, portraits, and still-lifes. Having trained and worked as an Architect in Poland, Alicia has lived in Sheffield since 1997. She is an active member of the local arts community, and has produced interpretative billboards for various places of interest in the Mount Roland district.
Eva Nilssen - Hobart
Winner of the Mural Fest 2003 Judges' Choice Award.