2007 Poem
Sons and Daughters
by Carole McDonald

I felt your first heart beat
oh sons and daughters of mine
Like the trees of my forests
I watched you grow tall and multiply
Like a rainstorm across my mountains
I watched my daughters cry
When my sons marched to fight afar
for freedom for this land
The wind that comes to embrace me
across my outstretched land
Brings new life to my sandy shores
new sons and daughters of mine
With snow covered mountains and valleys
with rivers that flow like wine
This sun covered land I give you
Oh sons and daughters of mine
You all must live in harmony
like the see, the land, the sky.

mural name: The Message
artist: Gillian Robnik
Judges' Choice Award
location: Mural Park

mural name: Rhythm of Ordeal and Comfort
artist: Andrew Kruger
winner: Visitors' Choice Award
winner: Peoples' Choice Award


mural name:
artist: Tamara Grey

mural name:
artist: Evita Irvine


mural name:
artists: Julian Bale and Kendal Quicke

mural name: Jigsaw
artist: Malcolm Drysdale


mural name:
artist: Alicia Swiderski

mural name:
artist: Tania Lee Maher


mural name:
artists: John Wilesmith and Karrin Warner

2007 Mural Fest Artist Profile

Gillian Robnik - Sunnyside, Tasmania
2007 Mural Fest Judges' Choice Award winner.

Gillian enjoyed being a finalist at last year’s Mural Fest so much that she entered again this year and won. Gillian has sketched and painted all her life, working with watercolours, oils, acrylics, glass, dyes on silks and ceramics. Not to mention, letterboxes, boulders, saw blades, wooden slabs and poles as well as murals.

Tutored many Arts Council and Adult Education classes in ceramics, watercolours and silk painting. Opened her own gallery “Windrush” in 1991 and was an exhibitor and founding member of Lalla Road Fine Craft.

Gillian has a long career as a multi media artist, works in oils, acrylics, watercolours, ceramics, glass and silk. Selected artist in Lilydale’s Painted Poles project. Her work is held in many private collections locally and worldwide.
Andrew Kruger - Paradise, Tasmania
2007 Mural Fest Visitors' Choice Award winner.
2007 Mural Fest Peoples' Choice Award winner.

The former graphic design and multi-media teacher moved from South Australia to Paradise recently to fulfil a life-long ambition of pursuing the world of art and illustration. Andrew is a self-taught artist and who has painted and drawn for many years on a part-time basis. He has had exhibitions interstate and sold his artworks overseas. Participated in many Exhibitions, winning many awards. His work is held in many private collections both in Australia and Overseas.
Malcolm Drysdale - Macleod, Victoria
Malcolm has had a very varied career, having gained a Doctor of Philosophy, a Master of Social Science, a Diploma of Criminology and a Bachelor of Arts alongside his fine arts pursuits. Since 1996 Malcolm has been a full time artist in the area of graphic design work and book cover designs. He also does some art teaching.
Evita Irvine - Sydney
Evita is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. She enjoys creating fine artworks in oil and acrylic paints and takes commissions for works such as still life, floral works, naive style artworks and pet portraits. In 2006 this wife and mother of three painted a mural with Narnia-themed mural for St George North Anglican Church in Sydney.
Alicia Swiderski - Kentish, Tasmania
Alicia lives at the base of Mount Roland where she continues her life-long interest in painting landscapes, portraits, and still-lifes. Having trained and worked as an Architect in Poland, Alicia has lived in Sheffield since 1997. She is an active member of the local arts community, and has produced interpretative billboards for various places of interest in the Mount Roland district.
Julian Bale and Kendal Quicke - Penguin, Tasmania
Julian, born in Falmouth in England in 1960, is now well-known in Tasmania’s North West as a mural and pastel artist. He has had many successful exhibitions and other mural projects to his name. He has a special interest in the use of colour and texture.

Since moving from Perth, Western Australia, where he gained a Diploma in Art Craft & Design, Julian has been the owner and operator of several art studios including Gilbert Street Studio Workshops in Latrobe.

As a member of many arts societies in Tasmania, Julian has been instrumental in founding the Tasmanian Pastel Art Society. Career highlights include a commissioned portrait of Sir Joh Bjelke-Peterson.

Kendal was inspired to enter after visiting Mural Fest in past years. She is looking forward to painting her first mural.
Tamara Grey - Ulverstone, Tasmania
Tamara is an enthusiastic 23-year old who loves the challenge of the large canvas. She has painted and drawn since an early age but this will be her first major competition. Tamara says she is looking forward to meeting and learning from the other finalists during Mural Fest week.
John Wilesmith and Karrin Warner
John was born in England where he trained in ceramics. He moved to Australia in 1991 and came to Tasmania in 1993, working briefly for Bendigo Pottery before starting his own ceramics business. John’s mural will be his first major art project following recovery from ill-health. John will be assisted by Karrin Warner.
Tania Lee Maher - Kentish, Tasmania
Tania is the 2006 Mural Fest Judges' Award winner. Tania has lived in the Kentish area for 12 years after relocating from Queensland. Her artistic endeavours include fashion design and construction, drawing, pastels, ceramics and, of course, mural painting.