2009 Poem

Fire and Life
by Cindy Bennett

Submerged beneath earth,
Molten rock spews forth its fire,
Creating new life.

mural name: Fire & Life
artist: Marc Spijkerbosch
winner: Judges' Choice Award

location: Pioneer Crescent, Sheffield
concept: The creation of Adam, from the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo depicts the genesis of mankind ... the very spark of life. Beyond, and deep within, Mother Earth plants her random, quantum seed; perhaps a bolt of lightning ... a thunderous earthquake ... or the sudden surge of molten lava.
location: Mural Park

mural name: Perdition
artist: John Eathorne
winner: Visitors' Choice Award
concept: Depicts creation to extinction. Incorporating demise of iconic Tasmanian flora and fauna but still optimistically hoping for salvation of, at the very least, the devil.


mural name: Precarious Passion
artist: Kerry and Malcolm Nicholson
winner: Peoples' Choice Award
concept: A man and a woman possess the instinctive need to find each other. The Ivory Archer seeks a wife and a girl adrift on a stormy sea is his aim. It is a precarious passion that draws them together.

Peeling back the layers you find Mother Earth behind it all. She unleashes her bubbling, boiling cosmic soup from where all life comes and ultimately to where it will return

mural name: Fire & Life
artist: Jose Loza
concept: The idea for my intended mural is to reflect the beauty of nature and its creation. To the far left of the image there is  a couple draped in the evening shadow overlooking the landscape. They see the last sign of red light emanating from cracks in the earth’s surface. As the planet was once covered by reds of fire and dark hues, it now radiates a vibrant tone of life. While still offering us a glimpse of it’s past.


mural name: Gaia
artist: Andrew and Caroline Kruger
concept: Submerged beneath earth, the seeds of life await their moment. The rain and sun and volcanic ground, hold life embraced within a quiet instant. A new dawn rises with the spark of spirit, and brings forth a fire that will not perish. The fire spreads, one to another, creating new life that we must cherish.

mural name: Earth Womb
artists: Pat Kirkcaldy and Jeanette Edwards
concept: Out of the fiery furnace of the womb of the earth THE LORD GOD formed man from the dust of the ground.


mural name: Rebirth
artist: Gillian Robnik
location: Pioneer Crescent, Sheffield
concept: Hidden deep in the heart of the earth, the molten central core continues to cause geological upheavals which shape our planet, forming islands, continents and seas.

Over time, the fertile volcanic soils thus created support rich harvests and an abundance of life forms.

mural name: An Active Beginning
artist: Paul Scott
concept: Life is fun and full of activity. All at once
A burst of life created by a burst of molten rock and fire. Ash and carbon blow upward. An atmosphere in progress.

A rainbow showing the path to newly grown fruit. Fruit watched over by a curious sun.
Ants and teamwork and a frog discovering his co-ordination.


mural name: Keeping You off the Rocks
artists: Cheryl Sims and The Lighthouse Project Team
concept: To a new beginning. Love to live each day.
Out of molten rocks. Forms the essence to bring forth. The power to make choices. We are the beginning each and every one of us.

The Lighthouse standing proud, offers guidance and choice for our youth.

2009 Mural Fest Artist Profile
Marc Spijkerbosch - Lake Rotoma, Bay of Plenty, NZ
2009 Mural Fest Judges' Choice Award winner.

2008 Mural Fest Judges' Choice Award.
2008 Mural Fest Visitors' Choice Award.

Marc knew of Sheffield long before coming here. "I've been wanting to come here for ages, it is the muralist mecca. Painting murals is a solitary undertaking so it has been a brilliant chance to see how other muralists work."

Marc has been painting murals and oils full time for 15 years. Armed with a love for New Zealand's natural beauty, Marc began painting landscapes at an early age and has held a number of successful exhibitions.
He has murals in India, Australia, the USA and of course New Zealand. 
John Eathorne - Rowella, Tasmania
2009 Mural Fest Visitors' Choice Award

John has 30 years experience as a freelance commercial artist. Murals, prints, portraiture etc. Public mural commissions in Queensland, Northern Territory, New Zealand and England. John has been a Tassie resident for two years.
Kerry and Malcolm Nicholson (brothers) - Queensland
2009 Mural Fest Peoples' Choice Award winner.

Malcolm and Kerry have worked together for many years. Started off producing mass production paintings that they would sell door to door. Then ventured into painting Video Stores windows to advertise their movies. Duck Graphics was formed and by the time the bottom had fallen out of the video industry they had established themselves as sign manufacturers. Along the way they have painted many murals and have built up a rapport that allows them to both equally contribute to the relationship. Both artists in their own right but because of many years working together work well as a team.
Jose Loza – Long Beach, California
Born in Mexico, lived in Long Beach since 1983. Over the last 9 years Jose has worked as a free lance artist doing commercial, fine art & working on over 30 murals in and around Southern California. Works for the city of Long Beach’s Mural and Cultural Arts Program, coordinating youth workshops, mural conservation/restoration and mural production. Currently working on designing a mural for the city of Long Beach and commissioned by the El Dorado Audubon Society, to paint educational paintings.
Andrew and Caroline Kruger - Paradise, Tasmania
This former graphic design and multi-media teacher moved from South Australia to Paradise recently to fulfil a life-long ambition of pursuing the world of art and illustration. Andrew is a self-taught artist and who has painted and drawn for many years on a part-time basis. He has had exhibitions interstate and sold his artworks overseas. Participated in many Exhibitions, winning many awards. Their work is held in many private collections both in Australia and Overseas.
Pat Kirkcaldy and Jeanette Edwards - Sheffield, Tasmania 
Pat – for the past 7 years has been serious about her art. She has exhibited at many different venues, selling much of her work. She has a home art studio open to the public at Roland. Finalist with Diana Dodson in 2008 Mural Fest
Jeanette – After moving to Tasmania and being inspired by the beautiful area and local artists, Jeanette joined The Working Art Space. Having painted and done craftwork for the last 20 years, she renewed her interest in painting and has exhibited at The Working Art Space.
Gillian Robnik – Sunnyside, Tasmania - Tutored many Arts Council and Adult Education classes in ceramics, watercolours and silk painting. Opened her own gallery “Windrush” in 1991 and was an exhibitor and founding member of Lalla Road Fine Craft. Gillian has a long career as a multi media artist, works in oils, acrylics, watercolours, ceramics, glass and silk. Selected artist in Lilydale’s Painted Poles project. Winner of the 2007 Mural Fest. Her work is held in many private collections locally & worldwide.
Paul Scott - Scarborough, WA
Trained in engraving, cartooning, and illustration, Paul Scott lives in Western Australia where he owns and operates an illustration business. Paul has produced many commercial and domestic murals, as well as caricatures and smaller commissioned paintings. Paul is currently working on several commercial murals in Brisbane and Perth.
The Lighthouse Project Team
Isabella Johnston, John Barrett, Cheryl Sims, Mal Belcher, Tim McClaren, Harrison Hays – Devonport, Tasmania Cheryl Sims (leading the Lighthouse Project Team) Diploma – Art, Craft & Design, currently Artist in Residence, Lighthouse Project, working with 22 students and co workers painting murals at 4 Ways, Devonport. Young at Art Project – PCYC Devonport City Council, painting murals and doing Mosaic with Primary students at Latrobe Primary School. Has accepted commissions for paintings and murals for both commercial & private. Participated in Group Exhibitions and also as a member of TWAS participated in the 2006 Group Mural at Mural Fest.