2010 Poem
by Cindy Bennett.

From dark cave to seaside,
Under stars where nights are warm,
Home is where you wander –
Where your truth and essence are born.

mural name: Turangawaewae
artist: Marc Spijkerbosch
winner: Judges' Choice Award
winner: Visitors' Choice Award
winner: Peoples' Choice Award
location: Walls of Fame in Mural Park
Ko Tarawera te Maunga (Tarawera is my mountain). I was born here. I grew up here. I fished, tramped, hunted and camped here. I got married here. Everybody has a Turangawaewae – a place of special connection. A place they truly call home.
location: Mural Park


mural name: The Homesteaders
artist: Julian Bale
winner: Judges' Choice Award
location: Walls of Fame in Mural Park
The Sculptor downs his tools, satisfied he has truthfully captured the spirit, the essence of these Homesteading Pioneers. Sleeping under stars, they wander vast tracts from caves to sea, seeking a place that reflects their spiritual birthplace. With pick and shovel they carve a home, a community from the wilderness.
location: Mural Park

mural name: The Seeker
artist: Dallas Sutherland
I seek to use the poems explicit imagery by incorporating the dark cave and the seaside, all under a warm starry-night sky. I’m using a fantasy-novel approach – that of “The Quest”. The young seeker, perfectly at home, begins her quest for truth and essence.

mural name: The Chessboard of Life
artist: Fereleth Lee
The chessboard of life takes us through many doorways, and I have come to realize that “Home” is not always the place you live or where you come from, but rather a place you find on your journey, whether physical or mental, that safeguards all that is meaningful to you.

mural name: Glowing Depths
artist: Christian Griffiths
My mural entails ideas of inhabited origins and drifting dynamic forms. The design explores notions of co-existence between contrasting and diverse subject matter. For me the 3D style abstract element is the essence of my roots as an artist. Amongst the grottos of the natural environment and modern day cave paintings by street artists is where I feel at home.


mural name: Plenty More Fish in the Sea
artist: Paul Scott
The ocean draws a strong power, eagre you can’t define. Australians traveling overseas seem to feel at home in places their ancestors lived. This may be why we get this strange mood around water. A feeling of coming home. So why did we move on? Something better around the corner, maybe? This hermit crab, with his house on his back, uses a warm night to find a new home. Running lines in the sand, investigating shadows, open plains and caves. Time is not wasted wandering. It was friends which would make his home, home.

mural name: Gaea
artist: Alicia Swiderski
Our home in the widest understanding of this word it is our planet earth. According to Greek mythology her name is Gaea and she is the source of all life. From her comes everything what we need to be alive. She creates us, and we go back to her after death.


mural name: Gone South
artist: John & Kerin Eathorne
A tribute to past Sheffield Mural Artists.
The characters in the mural each represent a former competing artist ... also in recognition of our convict ancestors who thankfully wandered (or were wandered) down South to Tassie. (HOME!)

mural name: A Formidable Nature
artist: Damian Cazaly
My intended mural will convey elements that influenced me growing up in Tasmania, from the sheer formidable strength of the oceans and winds to the tranquility of the bush and the vast abundant stars above. I also intend to touch upon the natural indigenous energy surrounding the place.

2010 Mural Fest Artist Profile
Marc Spijkerbosch - Lake Rotoma, Bay of Plenty, NZ
Marc has tied for the 2010 Mural Fest Judges' Choice Award.
2010 Mural Fest Visitors' Choice Award.

2009 Mural Fest Judges' Choice Award.
2008 Mural Fest Judges' Choice Award.
2008 Mural Fest Visitors' Choice Award.

Marc knew of Sheffield long before coming here. He says, it is the muralist mecca and that painting murals is a solitary undertaking, so it has been a brilliant chance to see how other muralists work.

Marc has been painting murals and oils full time for 15 years. Armed with a love for New Zealand's natural beauty, Marc began painting landscapes at an early age and has held a number of successful exhibitions. He has murals in India, Australia, the USA and of course New Zealand. 
Julian Bale - Penguin, Tasmania
Julian has tied for the 2010 Mural Fest Judges' Choice Award.

Julian, born in Falmouth in England in 1960, is now well-known in Tasmania’s North West as a mural and pastel artist. He has had many successful exhibitions and other mural projects to his name. He has a special interest in the use of colour and texture. As a member of many arts societies in Tasmania, Julian has been instrumental in founding the Tasmanian Pastel Art Society. Career highlights include a commissioned portrait of Sir Joh Bjelke-Peterson.

Since moving from Perth, Western Australia, where he gained a Diploma in Art Craft & Design, Julian has been the owner and operator of several art studios including Gilbert Street Studio Workshops in Latrobe.
Dallas Sutherland - Eumundi, Queensland
Based in Eumundi, Queensland, Dallas Sutherland is a full-time artist with 25 years experience in a variety of media and techniques including murals, trompe l'oeil, and sculpture. Dallas also works as a teacher of fine arts and a writer and illustrator of childrens' books.
Fereleth Lee - Sydney, NSW
Always having an interest in painting, Fereleth turned her interior design career into a life-long passion for trompe l'oeil interior murals. Besides her commissions for murals, Fereleth is kept busy with commissions for acrylic works on canvas, working as a teacher's aid, and by running art-as-therapy classes for autistic children and nursing homes.
Christian Griffiths - Capalaba, Queensland
As director of mural company aerograffix, Christian Griffiths is an accomplished artist specialising in aerosol mural techniques. Christian has completed many commercial projects as well as using art in various youth-work projects. In his spare time, Christian enjoys art, music, gardening, and cooking.
Paul Scott - Scarborough, WA
Trained in engraving, cartooning, and illustration, Paul Scott lives in Western Australia where he owns and operates an illustration business. Paul has produced many commercial and domestic murals, as well as caricatures and smaller commissioned paintings. Paul is currently working on several commercial murals in Brisbane and Perth.
Alicia Swiderski - Sheffield, Tasmania
Alicia Swiderski lives at the base of Mount Roland where she continues her life-long interest in painting landscapes, portraits, and still-lifes. Having trained and worked as an Architect in Poland, Alicia has lived in Sheffield since 1997. She is an active member of the local arts community, and has produced interpretative billboards for various places of interest in the Mount Roland district.
John and Kerin Eathorne - Rowella, Tasmania
Forming our only husband and wife team for this year, John and Kerin Eathorne bring the skills of signwriting, murals, and fine-art portraiture to this year's MuralFest. John and Kerin live in Tasmania, and John has over thirty years of painting internationally behind him.
Damian Cazaly - Brunswick, VIC
Born in Tasmania, Damian Cazaly is currently based in Brunswick, Victoria, where he works as a full-time painter and photographer. An experienced muralist with works across Australia, Damian has also turned his hand to album cover design, and even painting a series of guitars for Maton Guitars. Damian will vary his style to suit the requirements of the subject, and has a burgeoning interest in art for public spaces.