2011 Poem
Power of Community
by PB Tewson.

In the dawn bright with birdsong,
the people rise to watch the world open.

mural name: Connectivity
artist: Christian Griffiths
winner: Judges' Choice Award
Day breaks and the sun begins to warm the concrete jungle. It is easy to ignore the natural environment and focus on a capitalist-centric trajectory. This is an expression of connection and disconnection; an illustration of dissonance among the birdsong. Is nature reconnecting or are the urban elements dominating?
location: Mural Park

mural name: The World Opens
artist: Patricia Smart & Olaf Grohs
winner: Visitors' Choice Award
This is a tongue in cheek look at the poem. I have depicted a sunrise over Cradle Mountain, this is also to symbolise the community area of Sheffield. The world is literally opening from inside a sardine can. The people who have risen to watch “The world open” are the visitors to Sheffield.
location: Pioneer Crescent

mural name: The Quilt
artist: Kerry & Malcolm Nicholson
winner: Highly Commended Award
winner: Peoples' Choice Award
Early one morning a little girl goes to visit her great grandmother. She has a wonderful time watching as the ladies from the nursing home put the finishing touches to the quilt that was designed by the children at her school.
This painting represents the value of all people in our community. Sometimes we look at some people in our community as being less fortunate when in fact they are more content and happy than we are.

mural name: The Performance
artist: Paul Scott
As the curtain of night is lifted, the performance begins. Knowing too well, the morning rehearsals, the town listens in anticipation. And then... Harmony against a stunning backdrop.


mural name: Silence Of The Birds
artist: John Eathorne
Communities are fractured, the creaking machinations of a failed power inspire a rusting apathy... are the silent few finding their voice?

mural name: After The Harvest
artist: Julian Bale
location: Sheffield Motor Inn, Sheffield
As the community rises to the sound of birdsong, the harvest is in and the sails of the mill turn once again. Freshly baked bread fills the air – celebrating the promise of a bright new day.
location: Sheffield Motel


mural name: Waking Life
artist: Damian Cazaly
It can be both empowering and daunting to live inside the city, and be a part of such a vast ecosystem built up by humans. It is a chance to be a part of so many communities co-existing. This mural conveys the mental preparation of waking from the subconsciousness of sleep, and being pulled into the busy realities of this world...

mural name: New Days Flight
artist: Stephen Townsend
Each day the sun rises to a world so full of beauty that most of us fail to see it. I tried to capture that wonder and uniqueness of every sunrise in my painting; I hope to convey a little bit of the raw magic that is waking the world.


mural name: Eagles Flying
artist: Fereleth Lee
Inspired by the story of Sheffield, and the idea of one man to turn this town into an internationally renowned tourist attraction of murals, I wanted to depict the power of this community. Through the determination and effort of all the townspeople, who he likened to “eagles flying”, they made it a reality.
location: Pioneer Crescent

2011 Mural Fest Artist Profile
Paul Scott - Scarborough, Western Australia
Trained in engraving, cartooning, and illustration, Paul Scott lives in Western Australia where he owns and operates an illustration business. Paul has produced many commercial and domestic murals, as well as caricatures and smaller commissioned paintings. Paul is currently working on several commercial murals in Brisbane and Perth.
Kerry and Malcolm Nicholson (brothers) - Greenmount, Queensland
2009 Mural Fest Peoples' Choice Award winner.

2011 Mural Fest Highly Commended.
Kerry and Malcolm Nicholson are two brothers who have been painting together for about thirty years. “We started painting and selling paintings door to door then we moved onto working in the video industry painting for Warner brothers and CIC etc. We then moved onto sign writing. Along the way we have done a lot of murals and smaller paintings.
Fereleth Lee - Sheffield, Tasmania
“Born in England, I studied Interior Design. What started as an experiment painting trompe l’oeil soon became a passion. I have painted many murals since in houses, schools and Nursing Homes. I also receive commissions on canvas using acrylics and oils. For the last nine years I have enjoyed working with Autistic children and doing Art Therapy classes with them and residents of Nursing Homes. This year after a move to Sheffield I am able to work on a series of paintings for an upcoming exhibition.”
John Eathorne - Rowella, Tasmania
2009 Mural Fest Visitors' Choice Award winner.
John Eathorne has 30 years experience as a freelance commercial artist. John brings his skills of sign writing, murals, and fine-art portraiture to MuralFest. John lives in Tasmania, and has over thirty years of painting internationally behind him. John’s portfolio includes public mural commissions in NZ, QLD, NT and England.
Damian Cazaly - Brunswick, Victoria
Born in Tasmania, Damian Cazaly is currently based in Brunswick, Victoria, where he works as a musician and portrait artist, drawing creativity from the city's influences. An experienced muralist with works across Australia, Damian has also turned his hand to album cover design, and even painting a series of guitars for Maton Guitars.
Patricia Smart - Bullaburra, New South Wales
2008 Mural Fest Peoples' Choice Award winner.
“I live in the Blue Mountains in N.S.W. I have been a professional Mural artist for 22 years. My formal training is in printmaking but I enjoy all forms of art including sculpture and photography. Being an Artist is a way of life for me and nothing makes me happier than creating something new.”
Christian Griffiths - Murwillumbah, NSW
2011 Mural Fest Judges' Choice Award winner.
Christian Griffiths or Sauce is an artist based in Northern N.S.W. where he practices both Aerosol Art and Fine Art. His skills developed as a young lad, when he had a passion for art in public spaces. He explains “art isn’t just about glossy magazines or art galleries. It can be found everywhere. Graffiti embodies the notion of taking art to the people. A lot of people dismiss graff, saying it’s horrible but think about advertising. Adds are ubiquitous. At least graff has artistic integrity”. It is this artistic integrity that has allowed him to develop both his lettering styles and his ability to capture the essence of the natural environment. This is a feature in both the murals and the landscapes he often creates.
Julian Bale - Ulverstone, Tasmania
2010 Mural Fest Judges' Choice Award Joint winner.
As joint winner of the Mural Fest 2010 Judges award, Julian Bale is eager to return to Sheffield with another inspired creation. Julian is a versatile and prolific Tasmanian artist well known for his use of vibrant colour. His work includes commissioned murals Australia wide along with portraits for many prominent figures. He has owned and operated several art studios, and been a member of many art societies in Tasmania.
Stephen Townsend - Invermay, Tasmania
Stephen’s objective in 2011 is to become a successful artist, while maintaining a practical (but artistic) profession. “In 2011 I intend to begin attending Tasmania Made markets to promote my artwork further. I am also hoping to increase my collection of work enough to hold a gallery opening.”