2012 Poem
Food Bowl
by Lorriane McNeair.

The golden bloom of vertility lies on the land
And feeds us with flavour.

mural name: Postcard from Tasmania
artist: Keith & Loretta Sommer
winner: Judges' Choice Award
winner: Visitors' Choice Award
location: Mural Park

mural name: Carer of the Land
artist: Gillian Robnik

mural name: Goldilocks
artist: Ella Yates

mural name: Lets Face It
artist: Aimee Bell

mural name: The Honey Gatherer
artist: John Eathorne

mural name: Ravenous Machine
artist: Christian Griffiths


mural name: Who Dunnit?
artist: Ferreleth Lee and Julie Jones

mural name: Divine Food Bowl
artist: Frances Roland Wregg and Colin Wregg


mural name: Divided World
artist: Alicia Swidersk

2012 Mural Fest Artist Profile
Ferreleth Lee and Julie Jones - Sheffield, Tasmania

Born in England, with an artistic background, Fereleth has enjoyed painting from a young age. Having lived in Sydney for over 30 years, she recently moved to Sheffield, and has found her niche in these beautiful surroundings which inspire her every day. Fereleth has painted many murals over the years and also works in acrylics, watercolour, and oils on canvas.
Born and raised less than an hour away, Julie made the move to Sheffield when she married in 1992. She started painting in 2001, only for a short time before daughter number 4 was born. Over the last few years she has painted a number of back drops for the local Church Sunday School. Julie decided to pick up the brush to paint for herself in October 2010, and is intrigued to see where it leads.
Ella Yates - Fairfield, Iowa. USA
Eleanor E. Yates was born and raised in Colorado and earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Northern Colorado. At U.N.C., Yates became an apprentice to renowned muralist, Leo Tanguma; she learned the art of freestanding, sculptural murals. Leo Tanguma inspired in Yates, a profound passion to create art for the people, especially the oppressed, in the manner of the three great Mexican revolutionary artists, Orozco, Rivera and Siqueiros. Ella now resides in Fairfield, Iowa, where she paints canvas and mural.
Gillian Robnik - Sunnyside, Tasmania
2007 Mural Fest Judges' Choice Award winner.
An “English-born Taswegian,” I have sketched and painted all my life, attempting to interpret the elusive moods and details of nature. I enjoy bushwalking and snow skiing and having a great love of the outdoors has given me an appreciation of the beauty of Tasmania’s varied landscape. Growing up on Tasmania’s rugged West Coast, with its mountains and rushing rivers, has given me a special empathy for this type of environment, which is apparent in my work.
I have had several solo exhibitions, the latest being “Kentish Impressions” inspired by this wonderful area in which we are privileged to live. Over the years, I have worked in many media, including textiles, copper, glass, clay, acrylics, watercolours, oils, pen and in and painting on silk.
Participant in 2006 & 2009 and winner of the 2007 Sheffield Mural Fest, my work is held in many private collections, locally and overseas.
Aimee Bell - Sheffield, Tasmania
Born in NSW, raised in Tasmania. I did most of my schooling at Sheffield District High School and at The Don College, Devonport. This is the first major artistic endeavour I have undertaken and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in Mural Fest 2012. My goal for the year is to entry into the Griffith University in Queensland for a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Video Game Design.
Christian Griffiths - Murwillumbah, NSW
2011 Mural Fest Judges' Choice Award winner.
Christian Griffiths or Sauce is a mural artist based in Murwillumbah, New South Wales. Since his beginnings as an aerosol artist eighteen years ago, Sauce has combined the abstract lettering of graffiti art and realistic landscape painting. This unique blend of subject matter merges the themes of urban and natural environments which indicates the tension between the two elements. For the past decade Sauce has been the owner/ operator of Aerograffix, where he applies his skills as a mural artist and youth worker.
Alicia Swiderski - Kentish, Tasmania
Alicia lives at the base of Mount Roland where she continues her life-long interest in painting landscapes, portraits, and still-lifes. Having trained and worked as an Architect in Poland, Alicia has lived in Sheffield since 1997. She is an active member of the local arts community, and has produced interpretative billboards for various places of interest in the Mount Roland district.
Frances Roland Wregg and Colin Wregg - Westlake, Queensland
Colin Wregg has assisted Frances in painting many murals over the last fifteen years. Their murals are mainly of historical subjects. They have painted many murals in regional towns of the north and south west of Queensland. Frances has worked for the past five years on an innovative program for Queensland Rail to reduce graffiti on train stations in Brisbane. Artists involve the community and school students near each station in the research for ideas, and the painting of panels which are installed at the stations.
Keith and Loretta Sommer (Husband and wife team) - Mt Tamborine, Queensland

Keith: Over 39 years experience as a commercial Mural Painter, Artist, Portrait painter, Sculptor & Mould maker ...with a background in Graphic Art, specialising in Cartoon work, Advertising and Marketing.
Loretta:Creative leadlight artist, potter & designer ... works with Keith on mural projects. Have a shop and gallery ... “The Gypsy in Me” at Mt Tamborine in Queensland selling hand painted furniture, unique giftware and original artwork.
John Eathorne - Rowella, Tasmania
2009 Mural Fest Visitors' Choice Award winner.
John over 30 years experience as a freelance commercial artist. Murals, prints, portraiture etc. Public mural commissions in Queensland, Northern Territory, New Zealand and England. John has been a Tassie resident for some years now.