2013 Poem
Wild and Free
by Loretta Sommer

Freedom unrestrained,
searches the secret wilderness of the heart.



mural name: The Other Side
artist: Kristopher Thomas
winner: Judges' Choice Award
The aim of this mural is to give the viewers the opportunity to step through a demolished urban wall and discover nature's wide open spaces on the "Other Side". Instantly the metropolitan zone is replaced with a beautiful "wild and free beach... Enjoy your exploration!
location: Mural Park

mural name: Still Free
artist: Keith & Loretta Sommer
winner: Visitors' Choice Award
Peoples' Choice Award
winner: Highly Commended Award

There is more out there than we know of... but, that is why they are still free. If we knew about them they would probably be in a giant "Goldfish Bowl" somewhere. (Their secret is safe with us.)

mural name: Hide and Seek
artist: Loren Wiffin
The imagination wild and free. A child's mind creates the freedom which is unrestrained. Searching for the unexpected, creating anticipation of surprise in the secret location. It is in the heart of the child that wilderness is found.

mural name: Poetic Stanza
artist: Shannon Crees
By interlacing the imaginary of this poetic stanza with my signature thematic concerns of exotic surrealism and the boundless potential for beauty in utopian landscapes. I have created an artwork that seeks to depict, in vivid dream-like technicolor, the breathless exhilaration and depth of passion that comes with unbridled freedom.
location: 1 Main Street Sheffield


mural name: Bonnie and Clyde
artist: John Eathorne and Leanne Tamas
A Tasmanian convict woman breaks free, her cat awaits, both just a whisker away from the wild, both about to do a certain amount of unescourted roaming, while in their eyes, magic resides.

mural name: Searching the Heart
artist: Heather Sprott
Nature itself is "freedom unrestrained". Reaching into your heart to see the wonderful freedom of nature, no matter how miniscule, is uplifting the soul.


mural name: The Dream
artist: Pat Kirkaldy & Jeanette Edwards
We dream of good, but because of the human condition, we want what we want. Unrestrained freedom has no boundaries. The heart can be good or evil, chose carefully, the dream could become a nightmare.

mural name: XIX LXIX
artist: Sauce/Christian Griffiths
Unfortunately this mural was not completed during MuralFest 2013, due to technical indifferences.


mural name: No Boundaries
artist: Alicia Swiderski
This mural was inspired by children's play. Children are so naturally curious and imaginative that it feels as though their worlds have no boundaries... like sitting on a swing pretending to fly... wild and free.

2013 Mural Fest Artist Profile
Heather Sprott - Mackay Queensland
Always dabbled in art from a young age. Attended various art courses and workshops. 2001-2006 painted theatre sets for Mackay Musical Comedy Players productions which sometimes includes huge backdrops. Worked in Education Qld for over 20 years as a Teacher-aide/Library Asst., and during this time painted numerous murals at Mackay West S.S. Written and illustrated a children’s picture book since retiring called “Udder Nonsense” which was published in 2011.
Alicia Swiderski - Kentish, Tasmania
Alicia lives at the base of Mount Roland where she continues her life-long interest in painting landscapes, portraits, and still-lifes. Having trained and worked as an Architect in Poland, Alicia has lived in Sheffield since 1997. She is an active member of the local arts community, and has produced interpretative billboards for various places of interest in the Mount Roland district.

Dorota Swiderski - Hurstbridge, Victoria
Her love of drawing and all aspects of fine arts from an early age was inspired by her mother.
Shannon Crees - Manly, New South Wales
Crees explores the divergence of opposing themes and the concept of duality as she embarks on an enchanting journey of creative method and visual melody. Artworks playfully flirt with surrealism in her elaborately decorative process. Her collaged patterns and bold colours depict an abstract interpretation of the things she finds most beautiful.
Loren Whiffin (Loz) - Trentham, Victoria
“Loz recently moved from clothing design to theatre production (set and costume). Loz enjoys the added dimensions that theatre offers and is able to draw on her broader experience as a designer and artisan.
John Eathorne - Rowella, Tasmania
2009 Mural Fest Visitors' Choice Award winner.
John Eathorne has 30 years experience as a freelance commercial artist. John brings his skills of sign writing, murals, and fine-art portraiture to MuralFest. John lives in Tasmania, and has over thirty years of painting internationally behind him. John’s portfolio includes public mural commissions in NZ, QLD, NT and England.
Pat Kirkcaldy - Roland, Tasmania
Pat is a self taught and experienced artist, well known for her portraiture and wildlife pictures. Pat is a previous participant in Mural Fests.
Jeanette Edwards - Hawley Beach, Tasmania
Jeanette has also painted other murals, one being around a 10,000 gallon water tank. She painted a Port Sorrell shop front and also paints canvas, rocks and wood. Her favourite experience was painting faux tiles for her kitchen. Jeanette is a previous participant in Mural Fests.
Keith & Loretta Sommer – Shailer Park Queensland
Keith is a commercial Mural Painter, Graphic Artist, Sculptor and Mould Maker. Loretta is a creative Potter and Stained Glass artist and assists Keith in Mural Painting. Together, they own and run a Giftshop and Gallery at Mt Tamborine in Queensland called “The Gypsy in Me”.
Sauce/Christian Griffiths - Murwillumbah, NSW
2011 Mural Fest Judges' Choice Award winner.
Christian Griffiths or Sauce is an artist based in Northern N.S.W. where he practices both Aerosol Art and Fine Art. His skills developed as a young lad, when he had a passion for art in public spaces.
Leane Tamas - Railton, Tasmania
Born and Raised on the North West Coast of Tasmania, and though I have never painted publicly, I love tinkering around with the paint at home and can’t wait for the opportunity to participate in the Mural Fest. I have been involved with the Mural Fest for a number of years in various capacities, and just hope to get a chance to add “Artist” to my resume.
Kristopher Thomas - Melbourne, Victoria
I’m a young keen artist and have been painting for the last seven years. I discovered my love for art back in my High School days. Ever since my High School departure, I have kept up my painting and am forced on making a full time career out of it. With this goal in mind, I find myself painting most days and reading art books most nights.