2014 Poem
Island Life
by Rees Campbell.

From the mysteries of our histories
To the wonder of the now
All the magic of our island life

is painted on this town

mural name: Then and Now Celebration
artists: Fereleth Lee, Jacqueline LaCave, Tom Powlay
winner: Judges' Choice Award

concept: Portraying a message learned from the history of the Tiger... Here the Tassie Devils are celebrating their island life, painting a brighter future for their species as we do out best to ensure that outcome: "We, are the icons of this island now! And we intend to Stay!"
location: Mural Park

mural name: The Great Southern Land
artist: Damian Cazaly
winner: Visitors' Choice Award
winner: Peoples' Choice Award
To be part of Australia is a wonderment in itself. The island continent is so far removed from the source of its colonial history, as well as a land that has nurtured the beauty, spirituality and dreaming of the oldest living culture for 75,000 years. Which brings us to the magic of the present, and the wonder of being conscious of it, and being part of a great old town that allows its vacant walls to speak its history through the sheer power of art.

mural name: Sandy Track of Time
artist: Gren Freeman
winner: Highly Commended Award
This mural depicts a brief birds eye view of some things in the history of Tasmania as the sandy track winds its way to the now, and into Sheffield where that history is painted on the town...life is so different now than in the past.

mural name: i Land
artist: Patricia Smart and Ollie Grohs (NSW)
We are no longer isolated on islands because of the internet, and through the wonder of new technologies we can explore the mysteries of the past. Yet with all of this we still find magic in the simplicity of our daily lives. Like seeing a bubble float on the breeze, or watching a mural being painted.


mural name: Stamp of Joy
artist: Eleanor Yates
I am so happy to find treasure houses of art like Sheffield and the Tasmanian petroglyphs: because they are stamps of joy and food for the soul. "Island Life" exemplifies "Ningennah Tunapry" (to give knowledge and understanding): so I painted a magical friendship amid ancient maps and petroglyphs.

mural name: Memory Island
artist: Kerry Nicholson
From the raw beauty of her landscape to the warmth of her people she gives me that comfortable feeling of contentment. Apple trees in bloom, little penguins, Bennett's wallabies, Truganini, Enrol Flynn, the beauty and the tragedy of Port Arthur and Piping Lane winning the Melbourne Cup all come to mind. Batting legend, Ricky Ponting, world champion axeman David Foster, the Tiger and the Devil all belong here. But mostly I love her quiet serenity. This is my Tasmania.


mural name: The Artist Hand Does Underscore
artist: Paul Scott
concept: Within around and outside - this town's treasures and charms carries far and wide. From the smallest flower, right through to its majestic mountains. Its wonder is an endless fountain... of brilliance, mystery and awe. The artist hand does underscore.


mural name: We're Still Discovering Tasmania
artist: Keith and Loretta Sommer
Our aim is to represent the poem Island Life graphically, from 'the Mysteries of our Histories'... to 'Painted on this Town" Going back to the part of history that allows us to appreciate 'All the magic of our Island Life...Abel Tasman arriving at what is now Bruny Island's Adventure Bay.


mural name: Put Yourself in the Picture
artist: Lindsay Gardam
Come to: No Demands Land. Get away from it all, leave the Rat Race, get on the slow boat, come and enjoy all things natural in life.

2014 Mural Fest Artist Profile
Patricia Smart - Bullaburra, New South Wales
2008 Mural Fest Peoples' Choice Award winner.
“I live in the Blue Mountains in N.S.W. I have been a professional Mural artist for 22 years. My formal training is in printmaking but I enjoy all forms of art including sculpture and photography. Being an Artist is a way of life for me and nothing makes me happier than creating something new.”
Gren Freeman - Howrah Tas
My background is in the sign industry where I was a signmaker having experience in hand painted signs and large murals also sculptured objects. I also worked for many years as a graphic artist for point of purchase merchandising and display companies. I am presently doing sculptures using recycled corrugated iron and selling my work at the Salamanca markets. I also participate in the Deloraine craft fair each year.
I was a finalist in the 2014 International Mural Fest where I received the second prize the highly commended award.
Fereleth Lee - Sheffield, Tasmania
“Born in England, I studied Interior Design. What started as an experiment painting trompe l’oeil soon became a passion. I have painted many murals since in houses, schools and Nursing Homes. I also receive commissions on canvas using acrylics and oils. For the last nine years I have enjoyed working with Autistic children and doing Art Therapy classes with them and residents of Nursing Homes. This year after a move to Sheffield I am able to work on a series of paintings for an upcoming exhibition.”
Ella Yates - Fairfield, Iowa. USA
Eleanor E. Yates was born and raised in Colorado and earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Northern Colorado. At U.N.C., Yates became an apprentice to renowned muralist, Leo Tanguma; she learned the art of freestanding, sculptural murals. Leo Tanguma inspired in Yates, a profound passion to create art for the people, especially the oppressed, in the manner of the three great Mexican revolutionary artists, Orozco, Rivera and Siqueiros. Ella now resides in Fairfield, Iowa, where she paints canvas and mural.
Damian Cazaly - Brunswick, Victoria
Born in Tasmania, Damian Cazaly is currently based in Brunswick, Victoria, where he works as a musician and portrait artist, drawing creativity from the city's influences. An experienced muralist with works across Australia, Damian has also turned his hand to album cover design, and even painting a series of guitars for Maton Guitars.
Kerry Nicholson - Greenmount, Queensland
2009 Mural Fest Peoples' Choice Award winner.

2011 Mural Fest Highly Commended.
Kerry Nicholson has been painting for about thirty years. He started painting and selling paintings door to door then moved onto working in the video industry painting for Warner brothers and CIC etc, then moved onto sign writing. Along the way he has done a lot of murals and smaller paintings.
Paul Scott - Scarborough, WA
Trained in engraving, cartooning, and illustration, Paul Scott lives in Western Australia where he owns and operates an illustration business. Paul has produced many commercial and domestic murals, as well as caricatures and smaller commissioned paintings. Paul is currently working on several commercial murals in Brisbane and Perth.
Keith and Loretta Sommer (Husband and wife team) - Mt Tamborine, Queensland
Keith Sommer: Over 39 years experience as a commercial Mural Painter, Artist, Portrait painter, Sculptor & Mould maker ...with a background in Graphic Art, specialising in Cartoon work, Advertising and Marketing.
Loretta Sommer: Creative leadlight artist, potter & designer ... works with Keith on mural projects.
Lindsay Gardam
Learning to paint whilst on a working holiday in Africa early 1970s. Returning to Tasmania I devoted much of my time to painting landscapes and portraits.
Exhibiting in Kingston beach Zeehan, Launceston, Burnie and operating an art gallery in Devonport and then Carrick. Began returning to Africa and painting and selling in Botswana including mural painting.
Currently more involved in community art projects in Tasmania.