2016 Poem
"Reflections of Time"
by Karen Oborn

Reflections of time recall the past,
Full of images we hope will last,
Memory retreats with gathering speed
Future shines promising our every need.

mural name: Pondering
artist: Gren Freeman - Tasmania
winner: Judges' Choice Award
winner: Visitors' Choice Award
In my mural, I have played with literal reflections, reflecting the people and objects of now with some images from our recent past.

So as the sun rises and our future looks bright, the young girl ponders the things of our past but the image is not clear...

mural name: Garage Sale
artist: Wei Laun - Canada
winner: Highly Commended
Life is beautiful life moves on. The couple seems to have always worked together. Now they are having a summer garage sale.
No more home renovating. No more sailing or bike riding. Dad just got a smart phone. Out grown children called in time to have video call. Mom is smiling and watching.

mural name: The Girl Who Loves Time
artists: Eleanor Yates - United States
Looking through a cardboard box of memory, to the mirror of time, at a little girl who carries the light of hope.

The water represents our memories flowing through time. Just as the water (memory), transforms as it moves through the mirror (time); memory transforms us and our world.

mural name: Life
artists: Patricia Smart. Olly Grohs, Ben Munk - NSW
The poem reflects on the beauty, fragility and fleeting nature of life.

The old man holds onto faded memories of his home, young wife and baby. A bright future is promised in a new dawn of fresh air, clean water and a new generation

mural name: Greed
artist: Monica Prus - Poland
I just wanted to show our greed towards time. In each and every day we start to live faster and faster, doing more and more, thinking about many more things in the same time our grandparents used to do. So as a result we need more time, forgetting about such things as relaxation doing and thinking about nothing.

This illustration is also a paraphrase of our tendency of trying to keep the moments and not letting them go. It's a kind of catharsis because it's also about me.

mural name: Yesterday and Tomorrow
artists: Aileen Gough, Karen Armstrong - Tasmania
The mural would show the way our great grandparents had to exist. Please note the milking goat, the country clothes line and the broken-down car.

The thought bubble shows the future with high-rise buildings containing everything required for existence and the sky is full of flying vehicles.


mural name: When Tomorrow Comes
artist: Julian Bale - Tasmania
No matter your age or what era you have lived through, embracing past events and new technology leaves an indelible impression on our imagination. This can act as stepping stones and help steer us through uncertain times.

So what will the future hold out for you, when tomorrow comes?

mural name: Reflections of Time
artists: Frances Rowland Wregg, Yannick Martin
Our grandmother embroiders a quilt - stitching it with images recalling the past, snippets from curtains dresses and dollies. Each piece a story of happier times passed all her gathered memories, are reflected to grandchildren of the future - at last.


mural name: The King, The Dame, The Burning Flame
artists: Kerry Nicholson and Daniel Nicholson - Tas
We identify our mural as a reflection of the Australian creative arts, in particular the entertainment industry. Through three iconic entertainers a journey of artistic expression, has been established and maintained at a unique high standard, which transcends generations. All the while the winds of change remain the same.

2016 Mural Fest Artist Profile
Eleanor Yates - United States
Eleanor E. Yates was born and raised in Colorado and earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Northern Colorado. At U.N.C., Yates became an apprentice to renowned muralist, Leo Tanguma; she learned the art of freestanding, sculptural murals. Leo Tanguma inspired in Yates, a profound passion to create art for the people, especially the oppressed, in the manner of the three great Mexican revolutionary artists, Orozco, Rivera and Siqueiros. Ella now resides in Fairfield, Iowa, where she paints canvas and mural.
Patricia Smart, Olly Grohs and Ben Munk Bullaburra - NSW
Patricia Smart was the 2008 Mural Fest Peoples' Choice Award winner.
“I live in the Blue Mountains in N.S.W. I have been a professional Mural artist for 22 years. My formal training is in printmaking but I enjoy all forms of art including sculpture and photography. Being an Artist is a way of life for me and nothing makes me happier than creating something new.”
Wei Laun - Canada
Monica Prus - Poland
Gren Freeman Howrah - Tas
My background is in the sign industry where I was a signmaker having experience in hand painted signs and large murals also sculptured objects. I also worked for many years as a graphic artist for point of purchase merchandising and display companies. I am presently doing sculptures using recycled corrugated iron and selling my work at the Salamanca markets.

Gren was a finalist in the 2014 mural fest where he received second prize highly commended award… and was a finalist in the 2015 mural fest.
Aileen Gough - Tasmania
I have trained in watercolour, oil and acrylic mediums at Launceston School of Art and also have done three years of Commercial Art. I also take part with the Art in Schools program and have taught art to school children from the Bracknell and Deloraine State Schools, over the years. This participation from the Launceston Arts Society is connected with the Meandering Exhibition.

Karen Armstrong - Tasmania
I am a member of the Launceston Arts Society and have had success at the Eskleigh exhibition and also have had two paintings exhibited in Brisbane. Sheep and cattle are my favourite subjects and I mostly use the medium of acrylic – to paint with.

I volunteer in Art Therapy with the residents at Eskleigh Home for the disabled and also participate in Launceston Arts Society – Art in Schools program – this year at Deloraine Primary School.

Julian Bale - Tasmania
A professional artist and graphic artist for over 20 years, Julian was born in Falmouth, England, and moved to Perth, WA, as a young child with his parents. He has been living in Tasmania for 15 years and remains inspired by its beauty.

Having a keen interest in community art projects, Julian has judged numerous art competitions including the Launceston Art Show and the Tasmanian Youth Week Exhibition.

Frances Rowland Wregg - Westlake Qld
Frances is a professional mural artist with 15 years' experience and many public art commissions from government and community organisations.

Yannick Martin - Yamba NSW
I have studied art at the Griffith University - College of Art and have always had a keen interest in the subject nationally and internationally. In 2014 I took part in an organised Art Tour through Artimis Art Tours to the Greek Islands.

Kerry Nicholson and Daniel Nicholson - Tasmania
Kerry Nicholson has won 2009 Mural Fest Peoples' Choice Award and the 2011 Mural Fest Highly Commended. He has been painting for about thirty years. He started painting and selling paintings door to door then moved onto working in the video industry painting for Warner brothers and CIC etc, then moved onto sign writing. Along the way he has done a lot of murals and smaller paintings.