2017 Poem
"Through the Eyes of a Child"
by Karen Beattie

The world is a playground
wonderful and wild.
What would you see
through the eyes of a child.

mural name: Make-Beleive
artist: Annette Mathews
winner: Judges' Choice Award
Inspired by the heroics of Batman a boy stands brave and bold ready to take on injustice. His steely disposition shows he's ready for the challenge (but he would also partake in a little fairy magic.) A girl, who needs no encouragement to be a fairy princess, would also 'cape-up' as a courageous super hero to help her brother.

mural name: Child's Horizon
artists: Nikolay Dimitrov & Daniel Dubarov
winner: Highly Commended
What it would be to see through a child’s horizon? A question which answer we can find in how our kids express their visions and impressions, most often in their drawings. In our project, we depicted a little boy, looking at the horizon. He is holding a bucket with toys, a symbol of play. In his range of view, he sees life in different forms.

mural name: When I Grow Up
artists: John Eathorne & Leanne Tamas
winner: Visitors' Choice Award
We loved our dogs like brothers. Our rocket bikes flew us far. Our worlds of magic wonder. Were never reached by car. We filled our life with living. Wild grins, scabbed knees, and noise. Now mirrors show us older men. But this ones for the boys.

mural name: Never Forget
artists: Tom Cosic & Eve Soemardi
Innocence always gives way to Experience. Adult viewers are reminded to never forget their own child’s perspective on life and the world. From the eyes of a child, the possibilities appear boundless, restrained only by imagination. The painting encourages viewers to remember the joy of innocence found in youth.

mural name: Lollipop Land
artist: Josh Foley
Simplicity – of colour movement – energy – fluidity – imagination – craziness... play – illusion – fantasy – confectionary – Ia la land – lollipops – sugar coated wonderland – the idea of three D – unhindered human vision – the colour spectrum – rainbows – prisms – fractals... the sublime the picturesque – the beautiful – pop = - fun – laughter – happiness... pattern – what would a child see in this landscape?

mural name: Wonderful and Wild
artists: Marc and Debbie Spijkerbosch
When a child's imagination runs wild and free. The world holds no boundaries for whatever might be ...


mural name: Imagine
artist: Gren Freeman
In the safety of the bedroom the young child’s imagination wanders …. images that are real and things that are imagined blur together to make an amazing world!!

mural name: Waiting for You
artists: Julian Bale
"Come and see life through the eyes of a child ... climb aboard, there is a place for you."


mural name: Selfie
artists: Lindsay Gardham
What ever I do. Where ever I may be. it all must be recorded for my friends to see. Now the whole world is in digital form. Through the eyes of a child this is now the norm.

2017 Mural Fest Artist Profile

Annette Matthews
Annette’s academic studies include a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and post-graduate Museum Studies diploma after which her employment has been in galleries in multiple roles.

Airbrush art is her passion with a particular interest in automotive application but welcomes new challenging projects.

With little experience with large murals, Annette is excited to embark on the mural journey and looks forward to being among seasoned muralists.

Gren Freeman
* 2016 1st prize and People’s Choice in the International Mural Fest.

* 2015 finalist in the International Mural Fest.

* 2014 highly commended award in the International Mural Fest.

I have been working in the sign industry most of my adult life and have significant experience in hand painted signs, large murals and sculptured designs using recycled corrugated iron.

I also worked for many years as a graphic artist for point of purchase merchandising and display firms.

John Eathorne – Rowella, Tasmania
I have 40 years experience as a freelance commercial artist, doing sign writing, murals, and fine-art portraiture. I live in Tasmania, and have been painting internationally for over 30 years, including public mural commissions in NZ, QLD, NT, TAS and England.

Leanne Tamas – Railton Tasmania

Finalist with John Eathorne in the 2013 International Mural Fest.

Josh Foley
Born in Australia, 1983 and now lives and works in Launceston, Tasmania

Josh has many credentials up his sleeve including: Bachelor of Contemporary Arts, Solo Exhibitions, Parametric Painting Institute, Gallerysmith Project space.

Lindsay Gardam
Born Wynyard Tasmania 1946. Did art at high school, but nothing more until on a working holiday in South Africa and Zimbabwe as a young man.

During 1970s and 1980s made half my living from painting Tasmanian Landscapes. Had my own gallery during the 80s, and many exhibitions around Tasmania. But, I really enjoy painting portraits most.

I have in more recent times gone back to Africa, in fact first painted murals in Botswana. Now retired in Sheffield and involved in local community art projects.

Marc and Debbie Spijkerbosch
In the last 25 years, Marc has painted some 500 trompe l’oeil (illusion) works for hotels, restaurants, residential, civic and corporate clients. His work sees him travel extensively around New Zealand, with murals in Australia, India, and the United States. Marc’s wife Debbie has always been a team member, though now finds herself assisting more and more with a brush on mural projects.

Marc won the judge’s award at the International Mural Fest, Sheffield, Tasmania in 2008, 2009. and again in 2010.

Nikolay Dimitrov & Daniel Dubarov are SuperGteam, an artistic team of two artists, both born in 1985 in Bulgaria, Europe 1985.

Both artists graduated high school for applied arts, and later national academy of arts, and university of fine arts, “mural painting” and “visual communication “.

In 2015 Nikolay, representing the duo, won the first prize of the International Mural Fest arts festival in Sheffield, Tasmania.

Currently the artistic team is working on various mural projects in Bulgaria and abroad.

Julian Bale - Penguin, Tasmania
Julian has tied for the 2010 Mural Fest Judges' Choice Award.

Julian, born in Falmouth in England in 1960, is now well-known in Tasmania’s North West as a mural and pastel artist. He has had many successful exhibitions and other mural projects to his name. He has a special interest in the use of colour and texture. As a member of many arts societies in Tasmania, Julian has been instrumental in founding the Tasmanian Pastel Art Society. Career highlights include a commissioned portrait of Sir Joh Bjelke-Peterson.

Since moving from Perth, Western Australia, where he gained a Diploma in Art Craft & Design, Julian has been the owner and operator of several art studios including Gilbert Street Studio Workshops in Latrobe.