2018 Poem
"Our Wonderful World"
by Annie Willock

Magnificent nature, history and arts. Let’s lay down our weapons and open our hearts
We’ll all come together with flags unfurled, And celebrate our wonderful world.

mural name: Many Hats
artist: Gren Freeman
winner: Judges' Choice Award
Each nation has there own traditional hat easily recognisable even in silhouette.
So let our weapons be scrap metal at our feet and stand together to cherish our wonderful world.

mural name: " I'll Journey Soon Around the World"
artists: Gwendal Larher & Jack Buzelin
Highly Commended & Visitors' Choice Award
From a young age, the quest for adventure is real in one's heart. One's spirit and enthusiasm - all encompassing. Visions of journeys across the waves to distant lands hold excitement, yet are perilous. By the lure of uncovering our wonderful world - we are rewarded by discovering - ourselves!

mural name: A Moment
artist: Emily Smith
This work is an uplifting reminder to sit together. To share a meal and celebrate life in the whimsical greenery of Tasmania, underneath the wattle blossoms and fern fronds.
To put aside our differences, tell night time stories and spoken mysteries like our forefathers did.

mural name: Rising from Remembrance
artists: Crystal Barbre
These poppies represent remembrance of wars past and the hope we can learn to reject violence, and embrace the beauty of the world we live in. In learning to value all ways of life, we put violence aside, and create a brighter future.

mural name: Celebrating Diversity
artists: Frances Rowland Wregg & Suzanne Burger
The children are running, Let them always run free, With flags of all nations, Waving in harmony, Come together for a future, Celebrating diversity.

mural name: Our Wonderful World
artists: Judy & Jon Nelson
As caretakers, our choices today define our future. By respecting each others traditions and customs, may we continue to come together to become one multicultural, harmonious community. By recognizing the fragility of our indigenous flora and fauna, may we continue to work together to save our planet for our children.


mural name: One Starry Night they came together…”
artists: Fereleth Lee & Jacqueline La Cava
This wonderful world is represented here by native animals from all our continents. Animals that would normally be predator and prey, walk alongside each other in harmony and comradeship. The Children of Our Future lead the way, bringing the light of Knowledge and Peace in their wake.

mural name: A Deeper Understanding
artists: Damian Cazaly
Look into Mother Nature, her face will tell a story. Of Land that’s seen destruction, and history rort with pain. Listen to her story, a secret she will tell: To conquer has no substance. For life cannot be bound. To fly within that wisdom is power to show your heart.


mural name: ...And the World will be as One
artists:Annette Mathews
At peace with ourselves we see with more precision the beauty of the world around us, especially this treasured island we call our home. Hope, compassion, generosity, empathy and creativity; against pessimism, conflict, greed, hate and destruction

2018 Mural Fest Artist Profile

Gren Freeman
* 2016 1st prize and People’s Choice in the International Mural Fest.

* 2015 finalist in the International Mural Fest.

* 2014 highly commended award in the International Mural Fest.

"I have been working in the sign industry most of my adult life and have significant experience in hand painted signs, large murals and sculptured designs using recycled corrugated iron. I also worked for many years as a graphic artist for point of purchase merchandising and display firms."

Gwendal Larher
Gwendal presently has a Studio for Mural painting situated in the historic town of Morlaix, France – close to the sea, in the touristic region of Brittany.

Since 2002, as a professional Mural artist painter, he has acquired a comprehensive repertoire of technical ability – ranging from pictorials to large urban space paintings, and down to small framed works for individuals.

Jack Buzelin
Jack's appreciation of art was originally founded from his collecting for the past 40 yrs. He says that this has become a passion – something that seems to have no finality!

"The practise of the art (painting) discipline came from my initial forays into the Adult Education (Evening classes) in the Hobart region. This involved lessons in drawing, either ‘Still life’ or ‘Portraiture’, with the occasional ‘en plein air’ landscape jaunts into Tasmania’s picturesque countryside."

Emily Smith
2017 – Exhibited at Working Art Space –Sheffield

2017 – Feature artist at Working Art Space

2017 – Feature artist at Fudge‘n’Good coffee

2015- 2017 – Commissioned artist for Portraiture

Crystal Barbre
An artist trained in classical realism Crystal has shown in galleries throughout the United States, has had work published in multiple media, and has in the last year been focusing on creating murals in public spaces.

Frances Rowland Wregg & Suzanne Burger
Frances is a Professional Mural Artist with 15 years experience working with government and community groups creating murals to enhance the built environment. These murals are on view seven days a week. Community involvement in planning and painting helps to instil pride in our heritage, bringing together community groups in creative activity.

Suzanne Burger
• Advanced Certificate in Art and Design at Kalgoorlie TAFE.
• Member of the Golden Mile Art Exhibition Group Inc., Kalgoorlie Boulder WA

• Kalgoorlie Boulder Art Prize • Golden Mile Art Exhibition Group Members Exhibition • Watercolour Prizes – Golden Mile Art Exhibition • 2015 – first for Built environment • 2015 – commended for landscape
• 2017- first works on paper • 2017 – commended for Built environment • Commissioned Portraits of mostly children • Commissioned Portraits of dogs

Judy & Jon Nelson
Judy and Jon, both retired Graphic Design/ Communication teachers live and work from their home in Westbury, Tasmania. Between Judy’s art and craft business “handmade at No. 4” and exhibiting her paintings in various group shows, both have been very busy renovating their home, studio and garden which was damaged during the June 2016 floods.

Fereleth Lee
Fereleth spent 4 years in Florence doing Interior Design, before arriving in Australia in 1979, and settling in Tasmania in 2010. Fereleth has worked many years with special needs children, as well as the elderly, bringing art into their lives. "I have painted commissioned murals in NSW and Tasmania. My work on canvas is mainly in acrylics, favouring animal themes, surrealism and quirky concepts. Am currently working on a children’s book. I like to think outside of the box."

Jacqueline La Cava
Born in Brisbane, Jacqueline's passion for art and design has led her to study both a Bachelor of Interior Design and a Diploma of Graphic Design. She has experimented with many different creative media including sculpture, painting, digital and street art.

" I have painted in Muralfest before and am excited to return to experience the creativity of the event again and take a deeper part in the Sheffield community."

Damian Cazaly
I currently reside in Fitzroy and over the past decade I have taken many courses and derived a variety of styles from art courses and art practice. As far as objectives I am working towards getting more of my art in the public spaces as opposed to galleries, as well as aiming to work with councils and local communities in creating Large scale Murals. I believe that it takes one person to view your art for it to be interesting, however it takes many for it to become important

Annette Matthews
* 2017 1st prize and People’s Choice in the International Mural Fest.

Annette’s academic studies include a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and post-graduate Museum Studies diploma after which her employment has been in galleries in multiple roles.

Airbrush art is her passion with a particular interest in automotive application but welcomes new challenging projects.

With little experience with large murals, Annette is excited to embark on the mural journey and looks forward to being among seasoned muralists.