The Rec at Promised Land
On this site cricket was played for 100 years. In an age of slow transport and simpler needs, recreation areas such as this were a vital part of the local social structure. Boy met girl, farmers talked shop, isolated farm women gathered for much appreciated conversation and gossip. News was spread, kids ran wild.

Visiting cricket teams from surrounding areas played the locals with all the vigour and drama of a test match, often in hob nailed boots. Life was good. The final game, the end of an era and way of life, was played in 1966. The last pitch of many, still exists near the centre of the Great Maze at Tasmazia.

A record innings still holds; 99 rabbits trapped during a game in progress.
Painted in 2001 by: John Lendis
Location: Promised Land
Size: 6.7m x 2.1m
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Roland Railway
The railway line from Railton to Roland has fond memories for the people who have lived in the district for some time. It was the life blood of the township of Roland.

Construction commenced at Railton in 1913. The line was completed in 1914 at a cost of £88,888 and was opened by The Honourable Joseph Lyons. Mixed goods, farm produce, timber, minerals and passengers were hauled by steam engines. In 1923 a rail-motor service began and it is this piece of rolling stock that is most remembered today.

In December 1957 the line closed, the track subsequently removed and the land sold to adjoining property owners. Little remains of this once important line.
Painted in 1989 by: Mark Tipper assisted by Robert Mayhew
Location: Staverton Road, Roland
Size: 12.2m x 3m
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