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The Legend of White Hawk Creek
The mural is an impressionistic work featuring a rural scene of the late 1890’s. Butler’s coach, which ran between Railton and Sheffield, can be seen approaching the house of Hercules Hanton, an early settler. Shown here with his wheelbarrow and bags of flour which he had fetched from Deloraine 43 kilometres away.

Overhead are two rare White Hawks, Goshawks, which, local legend says, have inhabited the area since the arrival of the first white settlers in 1858. Occasionally the hawks can be seen between White Hawk Creek and Paloona.
Painted in 1987 by: Wayne Strickland ©
Location: This mural has been de-commissioned Size: 6.1m x 2.4m
Arthur Sullivan - Pool Hall
Arthur Edward Sullivan was born in 1881 at Hamilton on Forth Tasmania. He married Ella Florence Maud in 1905 and moved to New Zealand where he became one of the greatest single handed sawyers in New Zealand competition. From 1908 – 1914 Arthur won the world single handed title three times, runner up twice and dead heated once.

He established two New Zealand records the last was a World Record. He returned to Tasmania and went into the hotel business owning the Hobart Hotel and the Union Club Hotel.

In the 1920’s he operated the Sheffield Hotel and Billiard Hall. Sullivan died at 49 years old.
Painted in 2000 by: Cheyne Purdue
Location: 38 Main Street
Size: 1.2m
© Cheyne Purdue
Pioneer Surgeon
Depicted in the mural is the second car of Dr Ratten. It was a new French ‘Lorraine Dietrich’ which he had modified in Melbourne so that the rear ‘dickie’ seat folded down to accommodate a stretcher as a crude form of ambulance. His driving antics in it are still legendary in Sheffield.

Here we can see him attending the victim of a logging accident. He has positioned the car in order to use the headlights to illuminate his task. The onlookers await the outcome while hot water is prepared on the stove.

The calendar on the wall tells us that it is the year 1910. It was during this year that the house adjoining the mural was finished to Dr Ratten’s prescription. He practised in this house until he went to World War One as a surgeon.
Painted in 2002 by: John Lendis
Location: Henry Street, Sheffield
Size: 6m x 2.5m
© Sheffield Inc