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The World Opens
Visitors' Choice Award - Mural Fest 2011
Painted in 20011 by: Patricia Smart & Olaf Grohs
Location: Pioneer Crescent, Sheffield  
Concept:This is a tongue in cheek look at the poem. I have depicted a sunrise over Cradle Mountain, this is also to symbolise the community area of Sheffield. The world is literally opening from inside a sardine can. The people who have risen to watch “The world open” are the visitors to Sheffield.
Finalist at Mural Fest 2009
Painted in 2009 by: Gillian Robnick
Location: Pioneer Crescent, Sheffield  
Concept: Hidden deep in the heart of the earth, the molten central core continues to cause geological upheavals which shape our planet, forming islands, continents and seas. Over time, the fertile volcanic soils thus created support rich harvests and an abundance of life forms.
Wildlife Theatre
Painted in 2012 by: John Eathorne
Location: Main Street, Sheffield

Many different species of birds and animals that live around the iconic Mount Roland are featured
in this exquisite mural. The extinct Thylacine makes an appearance alongside spectacular pet peacocks.

Just in the bottom right of the mural, mischievous boys can be seen scrambling out of the frame heading out on a secret Tassie adventure.

This artwork is truly a triumph of color and imagination as the wildlife seems to come to life
around an old Art Deco cinema.

Painted by: Jan McKay
Location: Main Street, Sheffield - Just out of town