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Dr Ratten and the River
Dr V R Ratten was a General Practitioner in and around Sheffield between 1908 and 1914. Born in Australia, he received his medical Diploma in America and upon his return settled in Sheffield in his first practice. He brought with him many modern ideas and soon developed a reputation for being quick with the scalpel. He was eventually made Chief Surgeon at the Royal Hobart Hospital, a position gained by his skill at appendectomies. Whilst in Kentish, he never missed an opportunity to remove an appendix.

He distinguished himself in other ways, not least of which was owning one of the first motor cars in the district. After twelve months of using the first car around the roads and tracks of the Shire, he settled upon the model that would suit him best. When he asked the Kentish Road Trust to build bridges over the rivers, they refused saying that these newfangled machines were not likely to catch on and suggested that the Doctor build them himself.

In the early 1900’s, Dr Victor Ratten owned the Union Chapel. By then it was known as the Union Hall. He also ran a couple of billiard halls in the town and one was in the Union Chapel. His success at gambling led to him being in possession of a number of deeds to properties in the district, which after his death were kindly returned to the owners by his family.
Painted in 1997 by: John Lendis
Location: This mural was de-commissioned when the building was dismantled Size: 6m x 4m
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The Drill Hall
The Drill Hall was built for the 22nd Light Horse Company. In 1912 a great ball was held to raise funds to send a team of horsemen to compete for the Prince Edward Cup in Albury. The mural depicts an elderly gent looking back over his life and remembering his youth as a Light Horseman.
Painted 2007 by: Diana Dodson, Cheryl Sims and Anne Taylor with the calligraphy by Margaret Coombes.
Location: Working Art Space, Albert Street, Sheffield Size: 4.8m x 2.1m
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Painted in by: George Mc Donald & Julian Bale
Location: Dragons Rest Gallery Size: 4.8 x 2.4
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