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Slaters Country Store

Established in 1899, Slaters Country Store has been owned by five generations of the same family. On the rear wall of the store are the portraits of the five generations of merchants.

This quaint corner store in the centre of town has remained the constant observer of its ever- changing community.

Painted in 2018 by: John Eathorne
Location: Main Street, Sheffield  
The Castrol Sign
The side of Sheffield’s first Motor Garage was being cleaned ready to paint when the faded outline of the original Castrol Oil sign was discovered. It was decided to retain it and in 2002 it was restored it to its original state.

This building became the site of the first coin operated automatic petrol pump in Australia, this was the invention of Alf Rowe.

FH Haines of Devonport, erected the building in 1914 as a Motor Cycle Shop. In 1919, Frank Hughes came from Launceston to open it as the town’s first motor garage.

Frank Hughes' son, the Hon Sir David Hughes was Minister for Public Works in the NSW Government during the construction of the Sydney Opera House and had to sack architect Utzon over its financial blow out.
Painted in 1988 by: John Lendis
Location: 42 Main Street, Sheffield
Size: 3.6m x 2.9m
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The Post Office
An internal view of our Post Office in 1930. On the side wall of the Kentish Museum which was, in fact, the original Post Office.
Painted in 1995 by: John Lendis-
Location: 93 Main Street, Sheffield Size: 7m x 3m
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Queuing for Gold

Smitten with gold fever after news broke out about a 17 ounce gold nugget which was found at Bell Mountain, reported on January 12th, 1884. People from all walks of life headed to the Kentish district. Among them was Mr CF Henry, Sheffield’s first solicitor.

This mural was repainted in 2005 when the original mural was de-commissioned as a result of a building extension.

Painted in 2005 by: Sarina Garvey
Location: 109 Main Street, Sheffield Size: 6m x 2m
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