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Situated on the shores of Lake Cethana with Mt Roland and the highlands leading to Cradle Mountain, Lorinna is today as early settlement was. Peaceful and rural, the Lorinna Valley has in recent years seen an influx of 'New Pioneers' who have settled the area without today’s modern amenities.
Painted in 1993 by: John Lendis
Location: 51 Main Street, Sheffield Size: 6.1m x 2.4m © Sheffield Inc
Weindorfer’s Wonderland
At Cradle Mountain around every turn there is another magic moment; whether it be the pencil pines, or clear pure streams and water falls, or highland cattle grazing near an old timber cottage. This was home for hardy early pioneers such as Gustav Weindorfer, depicted here resting with his dog.

The often moody dramatic skies reflected in highland lakes leave a mark in one’s mind, as does Wiendorfer's forest to the left hand side of the mural. This was the world known and experienced by Gustav Wiendorfer and his wife Kate.
Painted in 1988 by: Cheyne Purdue
Location: Post Office Park, Sheffield
Size: 8.3m x 3m
© Sheffield Inc
Post Office Tree
Located at Daisy Dell (near Cradle Mountain), the 'Post Office Tree' was quite a social gathering point for the lonely miners and cattlemen to stop, swap stories, and hear the news from home. The tree was recognised by Australia Post as an official mail distribution and collection point earlier in the 20th century.

The mural and fibreglass sculpture depicting the 'Post Office Tree' and early pioneers, is now located at the Sheffield Post Office. The fibreglass sculptured post box is a true working model, and mail posted therein will be franked indicating that the item was posted at Sheffield’s Post Office Tree.
Painted in 1991 by: Cheyne Purdue
Sculpture by: Barry Cook
Location: Post Office Park, Sheffield
Size: 9.9m x 4.5m
© Sheffield Inc