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Blackberries & Sorrel
This mural accurately depicts High Street in the early 1930’s with the Town Hall in the centre of town. Two orphaned children, Dulcie and Laurie Mace, with the horse drawn spring dray sell vegetables to Mrs Slater. These children, then 10 and 12 had a hard life. Living with a step family, they needed to help provide by growing vegetables, then hawk the produce through Railton and Sheffield.

Laurie Mace grew up to be a respected and successful farmer in the district, winning many awards. The portraits depict Laurie and Dulcie at the time of the painting.
Painted in 2000 by: Cheyne Purdue
Location: High Street, Sheffield Size: 6.4m x 2.3m
© Sheffield Inc    
Masonic Lodge Symbols
This mural by John Lendis features some of the symbols found in a Freemason’s Lodge.

The columns, tessellated pavement, blazing star, square and compasses are all referred to in their ceremonies and have deep significance for Freemasons.
Painted in 1992 by: John Lendis
Location: High Street, Sheffield
Size: 2.5m x 2.8m
© Sheffield Inc
The Homesteaders
Concept: The Sculptor downs his tools, satisfied he has truthfully captured the spirit, the essence of these Homesteading Pioneers. Sleeping under stars, they wander vast tracts from caves to sea, seeking a place that reflects their spiritual birthplace. With pick and shovel they carve a home, a community from the wilderness.
Painted in 2010 by: Julian Bale
Location: Mural Park - Walls of Fame Size: 4.8 x 2.4
© Julian Bale