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The Hardest Years
If there is an activity that has characterised rural life around Sheffield over the last century or so, it is farming. This mural portrays the pioneering period around 1875.

It shows the huge form of a weather-beaten farmer working with great energy and expectation - ploughing the soil, sowing the seed and reaping the harvest. This regular routine is set against the majestic background of Mt Roland and surrounded in the rich variety of local animals and colourful birds of Kentish.
Painted in 2000 by: Paul Wood and Mary Clancy
Location: High Street, Sheffield Size: 6.1m x 2.4m
© Sheffield Bible Chapel Inc    
The Old Grocer’s Shop

This mural is typical of a scene which could have occurred in a number of general stores in Sheffield in the early 1900’s.

The ever popular brand names have lasted the test of time and are still being produced to this day. The viewer is reminded of pre-supermarket days when groceries were purchased in paper bags and weighed at the counter.

The storekeeper was interested in chatting to his customers about the week’s events. Often fresh produce from the farms were sold or bartered to the storekeeper in return for the week’s purchases.

The adjoining shop has been used as a butcher’s shop and general store as well as a milk bar and currently, as a takeaway shop.

Numerous store keepers have been associated with the shop and it has been discovered that one, a Mr Frederick Thomas, bears a striking resemblance to the storekeeper in the mural.

Painted in 1988 by: John Lendis
Location: 76 Main Street, Sheffield
Size: 2.3m x 3.2m
© Sheffield Inc
Tin Lizzie
The car depicted is a T Model Ford colloquially known as Tin Lizzie.

Around 1920 the fuel for this car was purchased in wooden cases containing two 4 gallon tins (18 litres) known in this case as, Shell Motor Spirit which was housed in a specifically built small fireproof building.

Later on petrol was delivered via hand pumped bowsers from underground tanks. The Hope family became one of the longest serving Shell agents in Australia.
Painted in 2007 by: Paul Wood
Location: 1 Main Street, Sheffield
Size: 4.9m x 2.75m