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The Missed Opportunity
In 1926 Jesse and Nellie Slater’s old business friend, Mr Coles of Wilmot, came into their shop. He tried to persuade them to invest money in a new company, G J Coles Pty Ltd, which his sons were forming in Melbourne.

The new concept was of open display shopping, with nothing selling for more than two shillings and six pence. Mr and Mrs Slater couldn't be persuaded to invest. The success of G J Coles Pty Ltd is legendary ... Slater’s Country Store is still on the corner of Main and High Streets, Sheffield!

Their daughter Marion, pictured in the mural, is the one who passed on the story.
Painted in 1990 by: Cheyne Purdue
Location: High Street, Sheffield Size: 5m x 4m
© Sheffield Inc    
A G Rowe
Among Alf Rowe’s wide and varied achievements are a coin-operated self-service automated
fuel pump, a pressure cooker and a carrot- washing machine for use on farms.
Painted in 2017 by: Julian Bale
Location: Sheffield Hotel Car Park
Frank Slaters' Wireless Studio
of 1926
Jesse Slater, Frank’s father, was the third person in Northern Tasmania to have a wireless.

He built a wireless studio and spent many hours communicating in Morse Code. To get the best reception he erected an aerial 45m long, strung between two poles 16.5m high.

In the 1930’s Slater’s became distributors of wireless sets and Jesse’s son Frank installed them throughout the district.
Painted in 1991 by: John Lendis
Location: High Street, Sheffield
Size: 4m x 3m
© Sheffield Inc
Amelia Morse’s Kitchen
The Amelia Morse mural is a fitting tribute to the pioneer women of the district. Living in Paradise on a farm with her husband George and their nine children, Amelia recorded in her diaries the details of her hard working life.

Diagnosed as having terminal cancer, she was prayed over by Church elders and lived a further 15 years.

Here we see Amelia and her eldest daughter making jam in the kitchen, supervised by her ever-present cat. The authenticity of the décor depicted in her kitchen has been confirmed by her descendants.
Painted in 1988 by: John Lendis
Location: Not accessible to the public
Size: 6.1m x 3.8m
© Sheffield Inc
Painted in by: Julian Bale
Location: This mural has been de-commissioned Size:
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