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Beulah Printery 1880
In the warm amber glow of an oil lamp, the water driven printery of Thomas Jessop comes to life. The Jessops were a talented family particularly with regard to mechanical and literary pursuits. They dammed the Minnow River, put in a water wheel and drove their Golding press with it.

They wrote and printed a newsy magazine for children, sold throughout the Kentish district to the many schools here. The Jessops also printed religious tracts and small books. David Hopkins is an authority on antique printing presses and so it was appropriate that he was chosen to paint this mural.
Painted in 1988 by: David Hopkins
Location: Spring Street, Sheffield Size: 10m x 2.5m
© David Hopkins    


Redwater Creek
Painted in 2007 by: Joanne Treloar
Location: Sheffield Railway Station
Size: 4m x 3m

Redwater Creek Steam & Heritage Society

These two murals depict the Krauss Loco which was built in 1906 in Germany. First used in the coal fields on the East Coast of Tasmania, it was left derelict until restored by members of the Second Tamar Society.

The first class carriage, now over a hundred years old, was used on the West Coast on the Dundas line. It was restored by Peter, Christopher and Vivian Martin.

Other mural scenes are of machinery used at the Annual Steamfest of the Redwater Creek Steam and Heritage Society Inc - bullocks, draught horses and the Redwater Creek Falls, after which the society is named.
Redwater Creek Steam & Heritage Society
Painted in 2000 by: David Bishop
Location: Redwater Creek Complex, Spring Street, Sheffield Size: 4m x 3m
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