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The Old Bakery
About 1905, George Hope commenced a basic bakery business behind his father George’s flour mill on the Western end of Sheffield. This proved successful, and in 1909 he moved it up the hill into the heart of Sheffield, building a modern bakery shop and residence opposite the main hotel. The bakery business went on to be owned by a succession of bakers until it closed in 1972 when it was converted into a milk bar and motel complex.

In July 2001 Eric and Barbara Gutwein purchased the property, completely renovating the bakery buildings as part of their motel complex. The bluestone wall that can still be seen beneath the verandah of unit 10 is the original foundation upon which George Hope’s wood fired baker’s oven first stood. The oven in the mural is a true depiction of the original.
Painted by: Julian Bale
Location: 51 Main Street, Sheffield- Size: 5m x 2.4m
© E & B Gutwein    
Ploughing With Clydesdales
A regular agricultural scene in this rural community was the farmer ploughing the rich red soil with his big Clydesdale horses. Clydesdales were big powerful working animals, often pedigree and quite valuable.

The ploughing of straight, clean furrows is a time honoured skill. Commencing in 1871 Kentish Ploughing Matches continued to be popular and continued into the 1930’s, drawing large crowds to watch farmers from around the state pit their skills against each other.
Painted in 2005 by: Julian Bale
Location: Pioneer Crescent, Sheffield
Size: 2m x 2m
© Sheffield Motor Inn
Spirited Horses
In 1919 a severe electrical storm struck while men were working on the Cradle Mountain road. A bolt of lightning hit a nearby tree causing the horses to take fright and throw their riders, breaking the back of Ross Connell who died six weeks later in hospital.

The mural shows the mountains in the park, as well as the often extreme weather conditions.
Painted in 1987 by: John Lendis
Location: 51 Main Street, Sheffield
Size: 6m x 3m
© Sheffield Inc